2001 Ford Crown Victoria

LX Sedan 4.6L V8

I purchased this 2001 Ford Crown Victoria 05/30/2015 for under $3k. Its history is documented extensively by the (one) prior owner. The car has 172,856 miles, but has been kept very clean.

Fun Facts:

Plans are for this to be a secondary (emergency) family-car if the Honda Odyssey is ever in the shop, but generally just to serve me on my daily 4-mile round-trip commute.

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Fuel Economy

The original Ford window-sticker estimates 18city/25highway. Since the majority of my driving will be city (very short commute) I expect to net much less.



DateMileageMileage Since
Last Maintenance
07/11/2016176,7483,823Oil change with Ford/MotorCraft 5w20 Synthetic: 3823 miles since last.
07/11/2016176,7483,823Oil filter change with WIX 51372 oil filter: 3823 miles since last.
07/11/2016176,7483,823Replaced Air Filter: FRAM CA5056: 3856 miles since last.
07/11/2016176,748Rotated Tires (Back-to-Front, Front-Crossed-to-Back): ? miles since last.
02/12/2016175,200?Added 1/2 quart AMSOil 10w30
01/09/2016174,741?Replaced front brake pads with Wagner MX748 ThermoQuiet pads ($27.79)
01/09/2016174,741?Replaced upper balljoints with MAS B8678 balljoints ($8.03/ea)
01/09/2016174,741?Replaced lower balljoints with MAS B8685 balljoints ($5.90/ea)
08/26/2015173,365?Replaced cylinder 7 spark plug after P0307/P0207 code $7.61
06/13/2015172,925?Oil change with Ford/MotorCraft 5w20 Synthetic $25.99
06/13/2015172,925?Oil filter change with Mobil M1-210 $12.99
06/13/2015172,925?Flushed coolant system with Advance Auto Parts Extended Life 50/50 $22.18
06/13/2015172,925?Replaced Intake Manifold: Dorman 615-175 $145.43
Old looked to be OEM - very common for these to crack at less than ~60k miles due to the plastic. This one cracked right at the thermostat housing - pictures from just post-sale show no crack so it developed recently. New part has aluminum near that point.
06/08/2015172,892?Replaced Air Filter: FRAM CA5056 $6.79

Below this point are notes from prior owner

11/23/14170,590?Balance Tire
11/12/14170,390?Oil Change
11/12/14170,3901733Tire rotation
08/12/14168,657?Tire rotation
07/05/14?Coolant flushed
07/05/14?New Wipers